A strong identity

A story that lasts

Cible RH Emploi is an entitý of GROUPE CIBLE created in 2001 by experts in Human Resources Management. The Group itself was founded in 1986 to address specific business development issues.

Jeanne Antoinette FANSI’s integrity and concern for people are at the root of Cible RH Emploi. Considering people to be a company’s most precious asset, it has focused on managing labor relations, human resources management, career development and recruiting the best profiles.

Over the years, Cible RH Emploi has gone from strength to strength, first becoming a member of AFDIP (Association of Trainers and Personnel Managers), then a partner of ECPA, SCHUHFRIED and Performance.

In 2012, Cible RH Emploi obtained ISO 9001/2008 certification for training engineering and support. In 2020, it was certified ISO 9001/2015, a recognition that its quality management system is focused on customer experience excellence.

Since the departure of Mrs. Jeanne Antoinette FANSI in 2017, her husband, Dr. Théodoret- Marie FANSI, has been working not only to preserve her legacy, but also to develop and perpetuate it.

Today, Cible RH Emploi is a socially responsible company, fully committed to its customers, and recognized by the industry as a major player in human capital management and development.

An unambiguous course

A clear direction

Provide practical solutions to guide and support organizations, public and private companies, and individuals in managing human capital.

A clear VISION

To be the N°1 company in Human Resources Management throughout Central and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Uncompromising VALUES

To be the N°1 company in Human Resources Management throughout Central and Sub-Saharan Africa.


As a committed organization, we treat our customers, partners and staff with fairness and respect. Our actions are based on this transparency to build a strong organization, proud of its activities and achievements.


We advocate exemplarity and honesty within our teams, convinced that this is the guarantee of lasting success.


At CIBLE RH EMPLOI, communications between stakeholders (employees, resources made available, customers, partners) are called “privileged”, and cannot be discussed with, or divulged to, third parties. For decades, our staff have been carrying out their tasks reliably, safely and quickly.


As an essential value in any harmonious relationship, we encourage tolerance and discussion between our various stakeholders. Creating a working climate conducive to exchange, where open-mindedness rather than judgment prevails, is a vital necessity for us.

Trustworthy partners

Since 2001, the list of companies satisfied with our expertise has grown steadily. Proud of this success, we continue to perform in HR engineering to earn and keep your trust.

A team of attentive professionals

A team of over 25 training consultants and HR experts is available to leverage their vast experience in the diverse fields addressed by our solutions.

A Cible RH Emploi consultant is assigned to you for each assignment, whatever the theme or the type of intervention required.


They are complementary and varied profiles dedicated to your success.

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