Rh Advice

Recruitment and Integration of employees
  • Recruitment of local and international profiles: sourcing, pre-selection, selection and integration;
  • Assessment of skills: cognitive, behavioral, professional ;
  • Skills assessment ;
  • Evaluation of individual and collective performance: definition of KPIs, formulation of objectives, management of the annual evaluation process, monitoring of career orientations and capacity building;
  • Assessing potential: talent management ;
  • Career management.
Audit and Organizational Design
  • Drawing up an organization chart ;
  • Optimizing organization and staffing ;
  • Support in developing work organization tools:
    • job description,
    • succession planning and management,
    • competence matrix,
    • managing versatility,
    • job classification and weighing of positions,
    • Job description
  • Support in implementing the redundancy plan ;
  • Support in measuring the social climate.
Provision and administration of temporary staff
  • Recruitment: pre-selection, selection and integration ;
  • Administrative and payroll management of temporary workers ;
  • Management of employee representatives and relations with the labor inspectorate .
HR strategies, policies and procedures
  • HR strategy development ;
  • Drafting HR policies and procedures;
  • Management of the HR function: construction of HR indicators, development and use of HR dashboards.
Organizational transformation
  • Formalizing the organization’s identity ;
  • Building an employer brand ;
  • Change management support ;
  • Implementation of the GPEC (Forecast Management of Jobs and Skills) approach;
  • Organizing team building ;
  • Support in developing corporate strategy.
Support for public and semi-public entities and local authorities
  • Change management ;
  • Capacity building ;
  • Governance ;
  • Human Resources-Management-Organization issues ;
  • Training on decentralization processes and dynamics.
  • Defining training policies ;
  • Analysis of training needs and development of a training plan ;
  • Educational engineering/training ;
  • Training activities.
Studies and Employment
  • Survey/Salary benchmarking ;
  • Salary optimization ;
  • Conducting employee surveys and polls;
  • Organization of job fair/job dating/dating site .
Skills assessment

We'll help you to take stock of your professional and personal situation, so that you have a vision of the potential career paths and training courses you could consider.

Academic guidance

We help students choose a program of study that is compatible with what they want to do, what they are capable of learning and the opportunities offered by the chosen programs of study.

Career map

In the course of their working lives, we help employees to define a "roadmap", in other words, their ideal career plan, including the training and additional skills they need to climb the ladder and move up the hierarchy.

Career transition

If you're dreaming of making a career change but don't know where to start, we can help you take stock of your skills, know-how, aptitudes and motivations to ensure the success of your career transition.

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